Runicfire Magazine #001 Digital Edition


A magazine of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Anarchy. Featuring Rosaria of Venice, A Glitch in the Timing, and The Road Through Gaza.



In 1491, a scientist and noblewoman seeks the secrets of electricity during a steampunk Renaissance. A private detective on another world takes on one, decent job over a thousand years from now. These are the stories gracing the opening issue of Runicfire Magazine—a journal of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and anarchy.

Its contents include:

Serialized Novel: Rosaria of Venice, Prologue and Chapter I

Short Story: A Glitch in the Timing

Essay: The Road Through Gaza

80pp. 5.5×8.5, DRM-free PDF. Illus.: Kosono Okina, with background elements licensed from kls777 and Charlotte on Adobe Stock. All rights reserved by respective holders. Content CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 International. Text only authorized for non-commercial sharing with attribution. Derivative works permitted only under identical terms. Visit for more information.